Join extraordinary thinkers, business executives, entrepreneurs, social innovators, and creatives across all industries—thought leaders with one common goal: reimagining everyday commerce in ways that advance social impact.

Leslie Moonves

Chairman & CEO, CBS Corporation

Paul Polizzotto 

Founder & CEO, Givewith


With support from the United Nations Office for Partnerships, Transforming Commerce aims to ignite a new era of business for social good. Leading thinkers and practitioners from the worlds of business, tech, finance, media, advertising, government and civil society will convene for this half-day event, exploring ideas, stories, and solutions that promise to accelerate the next wave of social impact.


Transforming Commerce is guided by the same spirit of partnership and pragmatism as the Sustainable Development Goals; namely, that governments, businesses, civil society, and the general public should work together to build a better future for generations to come.


Givewith is a new social impact technology company from the creator of CBS EcoMedia. Givewith allows companies to place social responsibility at the center of every transaction—which strengthens relationships with customers, drives new sources of revenue, and revolutionizes the positive impact that business can have on the world. We call this “philanthropic commerce” and it is our mission to deliver social impact at scale.